*New release for 13.3 series:
2024-07-04: XigmaNAS - released
see also : viewtopic.php?t=2186

We really need "Your" help on XigmaNAS Language packages. Please help us today!

XigmaNAS talks on IRC https://web.libera.chat/#xigmanas, ircs://irc.libera.chat:6697 (TLS) or irc://irc.libera.chat:6667 (plain text)

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XigmaNAS is available for free, but it takes time and money to develop, test, support and distribute it.
Also host our forum & webpages is not for free at all, it cost a lot of money and more than many users know.

Soon we also have to pay for the trademark what does protect you and our project!
For those reasons we heavy depend on your contributions!
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