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Can't mount NFS share of ZFS pool on Linux host

Network filesystems.
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Can't mount NFS share of ZFS pool on Linux host


Post by thebloggu »

I have a NAS4Free host with a ZFS pool behind a firewall that I'm trying to setup in order to share some directories with NFS (from the ZFS pool) with a CentOS host. I enabled NFS (v4) and created two shares (one for each directory I want to share), but I can't mount them on my CentOS host because I get an access denied error. My client logs show "RPC: server <nas.domain> requires stronger authentication".

BTW, I'm also confused with:

* permissions with NFS (how do they work? who should own my directories being shared?),
* what should be the share settings (Map all users to root sounds dangerous but I don't know what it does; do I want my share to be a NFSv4 root directory? should I export all the directories in the specified path?)
* how can I fix the ports used by NFS: I used rc.conf to set the mountd_flags, rpc_lockd_flags and rpc_statd_flags. Is this the right way to do it?

Can someone help me with this issue?

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