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Nas4Free Virtualised in VMWARE ESXi5.5

Posted: 26 Oct 2016 15:08
by oneilmf
How to Run VM's within a Nas4Free NFS share in a virtual enviroment.

1) Nas4free OS is installed as a VM on VMWARE EXSi server using a single 50GB HDD Storage device.
2) Then 4x 1TB Storage devices in ESXi, are linked to this Nas4free VM, within ESXi.
3) These 4x 1TB Storage devices in ESXi, are now accessible to Nas4Free as 4 Virtual storage devices, within Nas4Free setups.
4) I setup RaidZ within Nas4Free using the 4 available virtual storage devices.
5) In Nas4free, I Setup My Datasets and also an NFS share and all which is needed for NAS to be available by network users.
6) The Nas4Free NFS is running side be side with other NAS4Free Datasets in Pool1 (4x virtual HDD's in RaidZ config).
7) I install 5 windows pc's as VM pc's on ESXi server, using the created Nas4Free NFS share, as the Storage Path.
8) The 5 VM pc users, which is running on the NFS share, are able to access and store personal or sensitive files on their NAS allocated folders.
9) The 5 users can access their Virtualized pc's from their tablets or other devices using Teamviewer or any Remote connect software and work.

Disc speed on the Virtualized RaidZ for Nas4Free is debatable.
VMWARE ESXi5.5 server are allocating 4 physical drives to a Virtual Nas4free OS.
These 4 drives are then Manipulated by Nas4Free VM OS to be used in a RaidZ parity configuration.
Then 5 VM Pc's, which are installed on the NFS share on the Nas4Free RaidZ config., are able to access a Virtual NAS folder on the network, which is used for backups and general storage space.

Everything is running on 4 disc drives with the full protection of Nas4Free RaidZ Parity.

Speeds are in the 30MB/s to 80MB/s.
I was hoping to see200 MB/s to 300 MB/s speeds.

I have set many settings as per nas4free advise to increase speed between Nas4free and VMWARE ESXi vm's but...
not getting faster speeds. :)

Any advise within the Hardware environment of VMWARE ESXi5.5?

Re: Nas4Free Virtualised in VMWARE ESXi5.5

Posted: 27 Oct 2016 09:22
by ChriZathens
ZFS prefers to have full control of the disks and generally hates virtual disks..
Do you have the ability to pass-through the sata controller to n4f so that it has access to the physical disks?