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Is zeroconf the same as avahi and how to configure that?

Network filesystems.
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Is zeroconf the same as avahi and how to configure that?


Post by mikewarer »

I have a small problem here.
I would like to connect my Linux satellite receiver over nfs with my NAS. The receiver uses avahi to mount the shares. I have tested this with OpenMediaVault, a linux-based NAS, but I have switched to Nas4Free, because it’s better :).

OMV (OpenMediaVault) gave me following error-messages in its log-File:
Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-15 um 12.07.33.png
This „missing subtype for share“ prevented the mounting of the share from OMV to the Linux-Receiver.
The solution was to add the marked line under „/etc/avahi/services/nfs-Video.service“
Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-15 um 12.11.14.png
Well, the problem now is, that I don’t know how I should implement this in FreeBSD. For me it seems so, that avahi is another name for zeroconf, or Bonjour... but I cannot find a similar designation in FreeBSD.
Is zeroconf = avahi or not? And in wich configuartion-file I can write the subtype for automatic mount of nfs-shares? Or uses FreeBSD a totaly other procedures for that?

Why I want to use avahi....
Because my Nas4Free don't run 24/7. I start it with WOL, when I need it. So I do not want an automatic start from the NAS, when the Linux-TV-Receiver starts. I have an menue in my Receiver, where I can start the NAS with WOL and than the share should mount automaticaly from the NAS. With an entry in the fstab this behavior would not work.

Can anybody help me?

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