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speeds vs SMB

Network filesystems.
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speeds vs SMB


Post by thegvltd »


My system (hardware in sig below) yields about 50 MB/s while importing a folder of mp3 songs using SMB. I finally figured out how to set up NFS by using autofs, and moving the same folder with NFS only yielded about 20 MB/s.

NFS should be faster than Samba, no? I've heard that the ZFS ZIL can cause slowing with NFS, could that be why? I'm a newb, so may have configured NFS incorrectly. Once I hit the directory to trigger autofs to automount the drive, I used Ubuntu Mate's "Caja" browser to transfer the files. Could using the GUI file manager have slowed things?

Playing with this stuff for the first time sure is fun! Thanks for any help.
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Re: speeds vs SMB


Post by raulfg3 »

Your hardware is capable to raíste 110 MBps, please find post about how to tú tune SMB on this forum. - Ingva (revision 7743) on SUPERMICRO X8SIL-F 8GB of ECC RAM, 11x3TB disk in 1 vdev = Vpool = 32TB Raw size , so 29TB usable size (I Have other NAS as Backup)

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