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Autofs/DNS/Avahi problem

Network filesystems.
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Autofs/DNS/Avahi problem


Post by morrisman68 »

My previous server solution was built on top of Debian. It wasn't clever and I was happy to discover NAS4Free. We run Ubuntu 16.04 on client machines. I had NFS4 access working, using Avahi for service location.

Since moving to NAS4Free I can mount NFS shares but any attempt to use autofs (by me, at least!) fails. I saw another post which suggested that nslookup would need to work satisfactorily for autofs to work - it doesn't, on Ubuntu clients, reporting:

** server can't find nas4free: NXDOMAIN

I've searched a lot and drawn blank. Any helpful ideas would be most welcome.

In the meantime I offer everyone Christmas Greetings!

Many thanks,


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Re: Autofs/DNS/Avahi problem


Post by tony1 »

try adding your domain name in /etc/idmapd.conf
also try adding to /etc/default/nfs-common NEED_IDMAPD=yes and NEED_GSSD=no

there is a lot of setup guides on google.
remember you need to step into the mount.
so it your mount point is /mnt then you need to step into it like "ll /mnt/share/
whats nice is you can set a --timeout so the mount will get disconnected when not in use.
I think it works good.

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