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Problems with installation "Full" NAS4Free on HDD

Posted: Feb 23rd, '21, 05:10
by Hiji56
by giu.giu»02 Nov 2016 00:49
Hello to everyone,
I downloaded last version of NAS4free (NAS4Free-x64-LiveCD- because I wanted to install it on a computer server LaCie 4big Rack Office.
I followed attentively your online guide and everything was right. I wanted to install ""Full"" NAS4Free on HDD (Option 3). Everything seemed was gone well and all procedure was concluded without errors. I could enter in OS a computer of the LAN using the IP address.
But when I removed the CD and I modified the ""Priority boot"" and restarted the computer it doesn't start from the HHD.
I tried again more and more times but I always failed in starting the server from the HHD on which the NAS4free (seemed) installed.
Thank you very much to who wants to help me.
by b0ssman»02 Nov 2016 09:25
why do you think that you need the full install?
please read
by raulfg3»02 Nov 2016 09:34
try to do a fresh embeded install on a good USB, and try to boot.
1 - embeded is the recomended way.
2 - You can test if your motherboard can boot from 10.3 so if finally works, you can do a second try of install full (not recomended).
by giu.giu»02 Nov 2016 10:57
Thank you very much for your kind replies. I thought to a Full install because I read this way in some guides and because I thought that a Full install were a more definitive installation. I want to use the server with nas4free as a backup storage of another server, so I thought that I will not use to modify or change or update something frequently.
Reading the article that you mentioned I understood that the reasons that recommend embedded installation are prevalent with respect to the Full installation.
I will try following your kind advices.
Thank you once again and best regards,