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[HOWTO] Retrieve the Config from nas4free

Posted: Feb 27th, '21, 06:53
by Hiji56
by b0ssmanĀ»06 Jul 2014 19:41
Because this topic has come up a few times I decided to make this howto
- boot a live usb version and have the other disk/usb stick in the sytem.
- in disks management press clear config and import and identify which disk you are trying to access. in my case DA5
- enable ssh and connect to it via ssh or putty.
- identify the partition. using ls -la /dev/da5* in my case /dev/da5a
- run a file system check ("""") in my case fsck_ufs -p /dev/da5a
- create a mount point and mount the system.
mkdir /mnt/oldsystem
mount /dev/da5a /mnt/oldsystem/
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(option 1)
- copy the file via scp scp root@nas4free:/mnt/oldsystem/conf/config.xml .
(option 2)
- create a samba share.
- make the file readable: chmod a+r /mnt/oldsystem/conf/config.xml
- copy the config.xml with windows from \\NAS4FREE\oldsystem\conf
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