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Help Please how to format usb pen ready to install nas4free

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Help Please how to format usb pen ready to install nas4free


Post by Hiji56 »

by damon669»01 Apr 2013 07:15
As subject
I guess it is quite easy, but I have been googling for hours, and cannot find an easy method !!!
by raulfg3»01 Apr 2013 09:22
you do not need to format, if you are booting from CD, when you select option 9, nas4free install and format detination drive.
by Snunn1»28 Sep 2013 23:11
There are plenty of places where you can find a proper guide on doing this if you need a demonstration, however for this, try the below.
Here's one way of installing NAS4Free Embedded onto a USB stick, but first, do the first part of this "" ... amp;t=2120"
Once the diskpart section has been completed, download 'physdiskwrite' to a directory as well as the NAS4Free img file you need.
At a command prompt with Administrator rights, type 'physdiskwrite -u <Filename>.img' where <Filename> is the filename of the NAS4Free image.
Select which disk you want to write to and the program will do the rest.
Once complete, you'll be able to plug the USB stick into your system and start setting up NAS4Free Embedded.
Hope this Helps
by LA70»29 Sep 2013 18:36
I have virtualbox installed and have a vm that boots the n4f-iso and then I write to the USB-mem - Works for me.
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