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[HOWTO] Clone / Backup your HD, CF or USB NAS4Free System

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[HOWTO] Clone / Backup your HD, CF or USB NAS4Free System


Post by Hiji56 »

by raulfg3»04 Jul 2012 00:12
This topic is only interesting if you have installed some packages or custom modifications. If you use Embeded or Full without any packages or custom modifications, to clone / restore / recover your Nas4Free you only need to reinstall NAS4Free & load your previosly saved config. You do have a backup of your configuration, right?
I Have NAS4Free full (*.ISO), and several packages installed on it so when I want to test a new versión of NAS4Free or a new app ( like a new file manager ) I do first a clone of my CF to restore in case of Fault.
You can do it using dd a very powerfull tool described in ""http://wiki.nas4free.org/doku.php?id=faq:0089"" target=""_blank"" rel=""noreferrer"" title=""Opens in new window"" class=""elonw"">Q: What is the best way to backup & restore my NAS4Free system partition?.
Or you can use a graphical interface in Windows like: USB Image Tool ""http://www.alexpage.de/"" (shareware).
attachment dead(Hiji56)
or: All Image ""http://www.towodo.com/products/allimage/"" (Comercial product, with 14-days trial limit).
attachment dead(Hiji56)
I want to know if you use other tool to do ""clones"" of your NAS4Free OS disk, like Clonezilla, Acronis, Norton Ghost or so on, please post here and your experience with this tools is apreciated too.
Last year I use Acronis True Image to do the Job, Because I use it to clone my Win7 PC so I use the same Prog. to do all task.
by Jtcdesigns»25 Apr 2013 15:50
Good write up. The other option would be to setup a mirror config with a CF card...
Of many types.. this is just one kind.. ""http://www.addonics.com/products/ad44midecf.php""
Dual CF adaptor and its cheap. I believe they make them in PCI and sata as well with raid options built in and some also support hot swapping the CF cards.
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