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[Howto] audit files with NAS4free

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[Howto] audit files with NAS4free


Post by Hiji56 »

by mercurus»23 Jan 2013 00:47
Can I audit files when using cifs/samba service? Where and how do I enable audit daemon?
I am using NAS4FRee version.
by mercurus»27 Jan 2013 22:02
I finally realized that Samba performs auditing files, and I found an example on this
website: ""http://mbakopoulos.wordpress.com/2012/0 ... ull_audit/""
If anyone's interested, here's a quick guide:
1. Add these lines in ""Auxiliary parameters"" window (accessible through web browser menu - Services | CIFS/SMB | Settings):
# Audit settings
full_audit: prefix =% u |% I
full_audit: failure = Connect
full_audit: success = connect disconnect opendir mkdir rmdir closedir open close read pread write pwrite sendfile rename unlink chmod
fchmod chown fchown CHDIR ftruncate lock symlink readlink link mknod realpath
full_audit: facility = local5
full_audit: priority = notice
1. To each share where file audit is needed add this line in ""Auxiliary parameters"" window (shares are accessible through web browser menu - Services | CIFS/SMB | Share | Edit):
vfs object = full_audit
1. Audit logs are going to system logger in this example (full_audit: facility = local5)
- location of the system logger in NAS4Free is: /var/log/system.log
P.S. thanks for help
by raulfg3»27 Jan 2013 22:42
mercurus wrote:P.S. thanks for help
sorry if we do not know the answer, but thanks to share, now others with same question can find your answer.
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