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[HOWTO] Spinning down a HDD with only the embedded OS on it

Posted: Feb 27th, '21, 08:47
by Hiji56
by armandh»06 Aug 2012 22:59
I will test this idea of spinning down the boot hard drive
I have a small Hdd [2.1Gb] salvaged from a xerographic printer
it has the embedded X86 NAS4Free which loads to memory on boot up
via a 44/40 pin adapter
can this drive be spun down from NAS4Free ?
NAS4Free spins it down and back up if needed
disks>management>install the drive
set the spin down for 5 minutes
save & exit
When booting, it will load embedded NAS4Free to memory [ram drive]
NAS4Free takes over power management, and after 5 minutes spin down the boot drive.
make configuration changes and it will spin up and 5 minutes later spin down.
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by armandh»07 Aug 2012 06:45
this solves a lot of odd equipment bios and boot troubles.
older server equipment that was never intended to boot from anything other than a Hdd
now can, and retain the power and wear savings of the embedded operation when that drive spins down.
it is a unique hybrid, assuming I did not reinvent the wheel here.
but I had never noticed this mentioned in FN7 or N4F