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NFS + Kerberos / AD

Network filesystems.
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NFS + Kerberos / AD


Post by Knappe »

found old questition but no answer... ... s+kerberos

To use only authenticated connections from an ESX-Server to the N4F nfs storage it´s possible to store an "Authentifcation Dataset" with an NFS user & password on the VMware Server. These data must also be stored in the AD (Active Directory).

The connection phrase is something like this

Code: Select all

esxcli storage nfs41 add -a SEC_KRB5 -H 192.168.x.xx -s /remote_share -v volNameInESX
But it seems that N4F did not implement it because I get timeouts with warnings:
WARNING: SunRPC: 684: KGSS init security context failed: maj 851968, min 195887105
WARNING: NFS41: NFS41_FSMount:4412: NFS41FSDoMount failed: Timeout
WARNING: NFS41: NFS41_FSMount:4412: NFS41FSDoMount failed: Timeout

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