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[HOWTO] add users to transmission

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[HOWTO] add users to transmission


Post by Hiji56 »

by cirkit»26 Jul 2012 23:18
I have installed Nas4Free ver have created User : Userone and folder Userone (permissions 770) Folder Userone's primary group is a Group GP1 which I have created and I have added ftp & transmission as additional groups..but when ever I load torrent through transmission webgui (path of downloads & watch directory set to /mnt/mountpoint/Userone) the torrent starts downloading and after a few hundred kb it gives me permission denied..How do I solve this
Secondly I assigned primary group transmission to Userone ( no additional groups) and followed the above procedure but same result (folder Userone permissions (700) )
Thirdly I assigned primary group transmission to Userone and additional group ftp and Userone folder permissions to 770, this is where the torrent correctly downloaded..but I dont want transmission to be the primary group..I want GP1 tobe primary group...How do I resolve this problem
Pl note User account name is Userone
Folder is /mnt/mountpoint/Userone
by sacii»02 Aug 2012 23:41
By way of example, here is my working Transmission setup:
Using WebGUI
Services|BitTorrent|Download directory - /mnt/Workspace/Transmission/Downloads
Services|BitTorrent|Watch directory - /mnt/Workspace/Transmission/Watch
Access|Users|Edit [sacii user]|Additional group - transmission
Using SSHCode: Select all

Code: Select all

chown -R transmission:transmission /mnt/Workspace/Transmission
pw groupmod admin -m transmission #temporary fix for testing
nano /cf/conf/config.xml - change <nas4free><system><usermanagement><user(transmission)><group> from 50 to 1000 #permanent fix
The temporary fix adds the transmission user to the admin group, but does not survive reboots. The permanent fix changes the transmission user's additional group from 50 (ftp) to 1000 (admin). You should apply the temporary fix and then drop a torrent into the watch directory and see if Transmission starts and completes the download. Then if all goes well apply the permanent fix.
Since the transmission group has rwx permissions on the watch and download directories and sacii is a member of the transmission group, sacii has full control of the files in the watch and download directories.
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