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[HOWTO] - SSH tunneling from a Desktop shortcut. (Windows)

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[HOWTO] - SSH tunneling from a Desktop shortcut. (Windows)


Post by Hiji56 »

by ldkraemer»10 Jul 2012 14:43
[HOWTO] - SSH tunneling from a Desktop shortcut. (Windows)
What is all that about?
SSH is a protocol that uses public key cryptography to transfer data securely over insecure networks(internet).
► Why?
You can use SSH tunneling to access services that don’t encrypt data during transmission (HTTP, RSYNC, etc) on your FreeNAS securely.
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►How to do that?
a. If you have plink.exe go to step b. , if you don’t have plink.exe download it to your /windows/system32/ directory.
b. Make a shortcut on your desktop, name it “FeeNAS Admin” and insert this line:
%windir%\system32\plink.exe -v -N -P 24 -C -L 8888:localhost:80 -l user -pw password your.router.address.com
► Where:
%windir%\system32\plink.exe is the path to plink.exe on your system.
* Can be anywhere how long you set the path correctly.
* -P 24 the port on your remote router to connect to.
* The default port is 22, but is recommended to change it to a different port.
* 8888 the port on your windows system.
* You can use any empty port on your system.
* 80 the port on FreeNAS to connect.
* The default port on FreeNAS is 80(http).
* user the user name to use for login.
* The user must have shell access.
* password the password for the user.
* Please use a very strong password.
* your.router.address.com the WAN name or WAN IP of your FreeNAS router
* You must know your WAN IP address, or a second PC running on your FreeNAS LAN having a DynDNS client. For the moment FreeNAS don’t have a DynDNS client.
► Click Apply and Ok to save your shortcut.
► To start the SSH tunnel just double click the shortcut, a DOS box will open and if your configuration is OK you will be prompted for the “user” password.
► Once you authenticate you can open in your browser ""http://localhost:8888"" and you will be prompted for FreeNAS admin username and password.
Copied from: ""http://www.freenaskb.info/kb/?View=entr ... ntryID=190""
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