XigmaNAS Downloads

64-bit x64 Architecture

You can download XigmaNAS for 64-bit capable hardware. For each release 4 different file formats are available:

  • a LiveCD file (.iso file)
  • a LiveUSB file (.img.gz file)
  • a embedded firmware update file for upgrade embedded installations (.img.xz file)
  • a  full  update file for upgrade full installations (.txz file)

Choose the appropriate file format depending on your needs. If you want to know more about this than please read the File Format Information page.

Use the download button for browsing the latest XigmaNAS releases.

XigmaNAS Downloads

Note for the 32-bits x86 Architecture

The XigmaNAS team does not publish x86 releases.

In particular i386 (32-bit) had been dropped quite some time ago because some of the software we uses are not available for 32-bits releases.

Commit Changes

If you like to know what changes are made between XigmaNAS releases, than do check our Commit History.